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fille de mystère

her stories are boring and stuff

atrocity exhibition
Surprise sometime will come round.

This is friends only so you'll have to add me to read.
allendale, antique brooches, arcade fire, ayn rand, barcelona red, bass guitar girl play, belle and sebastian, bizet, budapest, field music, foals, hills-and-parks-and-stars-and-lights, housework in hotpants, ian mcewan, intellectual property law, joanna newsom, joy division, leonard cohen, margaret atwood, offbeat, office glamour, oscar wilde, pencil skirts, pulp, quirky lyrics, reading in bed, redjetson, regina spektor, rose truffle nail varnish, routine, singing in the street, somehow i'm not impressed, sonic youth, spotting photograph opportunities, summer holidays, sunday times style supplement, the boyfriends, the crunchiest autumn leaves, the piano house, travelling, vv, white russians, ymss